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CCS-02 is a unique contact cleaner spray which is absolutely environmentally friendly product does not contain any chlorinated solvents and alcohols. 

CCS-02 penetrates any carbon deposits, it cleans the same effectively. It is basically off line product. The advantage of using Elecstar CCS-02 is it retards the process of carbon generation increasing the uptime of the electrical equipment like electrical contactors, relays, switches, motors, fuses etc. 

The salient features & benefits of Elecstar CCS-02 are: 

1) Absolutely environmentally friendly products – non-chlorinated, non alcoholic.

2) Cleans electrical contacts of contactors, motors, fuses, relay etc. 

3) Extends the life of electrical equipments. 

4) Avoids arcing & prevents burn up due to overheating. 

5) A must for effective preventive maintenance. 

There are two types of sprays available in the market –

1. Dry one – it cleans, but the contacts get exposed to oxidation and carbonization starts immediately.

2. Like Elecstar CCS-02. Elecstar CCS -02 provides unseen protection film over the surface to protect the metal and retard the sparking – carbonization on the contacts. This increases the uptime and reduces the cleaning frequency. It covers the contacts till the time the contacts stick to each other. This provides for insulation to arching. When contacts are pressed, this film gets removed and establishes itself again when contacts are detached.

Hence Elecstar CCS-02 is preferred over any available contact cleaner in the market.

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Elecstar CCS 02

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