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Elecstar range of products is designed to solve the problems in the factories & shop floors.  Elecstar range not only solves the problems but will not allow the reoccurrence of the same.

Elecstar BTP is one such products which is designed to solve the perennial problem of battery terminal sulphation which occurs in every available battery.

Because of sulphation, the battery or battery bank   will not get the full charge or will not give charge as the sulphation forms a non-conducting layers on the surface of a terminal. Secondly it reduces the life of terminals and thereby of the battery.

Eximious designed the solution to this problem in the form of Elecstar BTP, a gel type brushable coating which forms a water tight, monolithic continuous film over the surface which is resistant to acidic fumes and solve the problems of sulphation.

Elecstar BTP should be applied after the assembly to exposed part of cable, cable lugs, nut bolts and terminals fully & completely.  It can also be used to protect the earthing assembly from corrosion. 

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Elecstar BTP

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