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X-CEED – 520


Generally speaking, nut bolt assembly is the most important assembly in any plant. A failure to open it up smoothly leads to unnecessary wastage of time, labour and increases the shut down period. Hence this necessitates the use of expensive nut bolt opening sprays and / or upgradation of the nut bolt metallurgy.

This phenomenon is seizing of nut bolts which occurs when nut bolt assembly is subjected to corrosion or high temperature or combination of both.  Thus all the nut bolt assemblies in all the plants are subjected to same kind of seizing and if it is sea weather condition then the problems are in multiples.  

Eximious took it as a challenge to take care of this problem totally & absolutely and came out of a solution in the form of X-Ceed 520.


X-Ceed 520 is a gel type, brushable coating which forms a continuous, monolithic, non-penetrable film over the surface which is resistant to saline weather, acidic – alkaline fumes, atmospheric corrosive gases etc. and thus protect the nut bolt assemblies absolutely.


1) Brushable, easy to apply gel, consistency product.

2) Offers absolute protection.

3) Tried – tested product.

4) Plant wide application.


1) Nut bolt assemblies can never corrode. 

2) Nut bolt assemblies can be opened very easily.

3) Saves time, labour, shut down time etc.

4) Saves cost.

5) Can scale down metallurgies from expensive alloys to inexpensive metals.  Saves money. 

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X-Ceed 520

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